This has become a dusted dungeon

Man, I’m bad at this. There is so much going on in my life that I barely find time for all of the things, I’d like to do. Sometimes I even lack the energy to play a full sized game. Can you imagine?

I’ll try to fill this here a little more in the future because there is so many things ongoing. I mean these are the times where you find a meme that hypes two good TV shows for a Friday. Mrs. Stordyr e.g. is all hyped for the Dragon Prince new Episodes and at the same time the Mandalorian E3 will hit on Friday.

At the same time a new Star Wars game hits the shelves. Jedi Fallen Order looks amazing from a gameplay perspective. The sounds and feels are very “Star Wars”y and I can see this being a good game. What I do not get: There doesn’t seem to be a character creation. WHY THE HELL NOT?

Cyberpunk coming next year and depending on the Christmas Outcome this one is going to a series on my channel. I really hope I can be done with Fallout 4 pre-production by that time. I’ve been playing Fallout for over a year now. Time to end it.

Ready Player One

I missed this one in the movies and only got to see it like 2 weeks ago. Since then I’ve seen it 5 times and have read the book within 48 hours, something that did not happen to me in quite some time 🙂

Is either of it worth it? How is it? Is there a huge difference? Which is better?

Lots of questions and totally valid ones. Let’s start with: Continue reading Ready Player One

When you’re forced to fix your own game

So for the playthrough of Realms of Arkania – Star Trail, I ran into a really bad situation in the last dungeon. The game has some serious issues with balancing in the combat engine.

One thing, I couldn’t fix, was the impact of “Fear of the Dead”. In my personal view it is seriously overpowered because it is being checked for every character every turn and it is harder if more enemies are on the board. This can lead to your characters failing this very often even with a relatively low value. Continue reading When you’re forced to fix your own game

It’s been a while

*blows the dust off this place* Guys…. I’ve not been away but updating this wasn’t exactly a priority for me.

What have I been up to, lately. Well, there is a couple of projects, I’m involved it.

There is the Twitch channel. Currently, I run Kingdom Come: Deliverance there or Star Citizen. I also have a Skyrim game, on the channel, when I play. And I just bought Subnautica. So many things to do and soooo little time. What am I going to do, once Sea of Thieves comes out? I don’t know.

Then we do have Youtube. I just finished shooting the play series for The Realms of Arkania – Star Trail and am in the process of post production for the last 8 episodes. After this, there is still a bit of the question, where to take it. Mrs. Stordyr wanted to get involved with some Dark & Light LP but she’s very busy these days. I will def. start, pre production for a Fallout 4 series since I’ve never been finishing this game at all. But there is also Season 3 of the Medieval Sims, which I wanted to do, more Star Citizen and of course Sims 3 an adventure walkthough. Fallout will take quite some time, though. I will try to reduce the length of Episodes to 20 minutes. People have been complaining about this. Although I don’t really like it, I do understand this request.

See you online 🙂



Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 trading list

With Star Citizen 3.0 live now, it became apparent very quick, that finishing missions was not possible in 100% of the attempts. Not even 50%. In addition to that, the rewards are meak in this build and making money off trading has proven to be far more profitable.

I put together a quick spreadsheet and invited (and invite) everyone to comment on it. So here we go:

Being sick really sucks

My voice is not, what it has been. 2.5 weeks it i’m dragging this infection around already. I am running out of content for the channel and we cannot even speak about live streams these days. I’d love to do something like this very soon.

Two visits with the doctor, 2 tons of medication and I am still sitting here, coughing and having a voice that sounds a bit like if you dragged a rusty iron glove over a blackboard.

Of course, like Mrs. Stordyr would say, it is a  severe case of a man’s flu and maybe she is right but does that matter? I don’t feel good and I can’t seem to shake this off. No, I got even more medication today. At least, I am still getting around anti biotics.

So I apologize for the possibly coming pause, which might be coming your way (I got videos scheduled until Friday).