This has become a dusted dungeon

Man, I’m bad at this. There is so much going on in my life that I barely find time for all of the things, I’d like to do. Sometimes I even lack the energy to play a full sized game. Can you imagine?

I’ll try to fill this here a little more in the future because there is so many things ongoing. I mean these are the times where you find a meme that hypes two good TV shows for a Friday. Mrs. Stordyr e.g. is all hyped for the Dragon Prince new Episodes and at the same time the Mandalorian E3 will hit on Friday.

At the same time a new Star Wars game hits the shelves. Jedi Fallen Order looks amazing from a gameplay perspective. The sounds and feels are very “Star Wars”y and I can see this being a good game. What I do not get: There doesn’t seem to be a character creation. WHY THE HELL NOT?

Cyberpunk coming next year and depending on the Christmas Outcome this one is going to a series on my channel. I really hope I can be done with Fallout 4 pre-production by that time. I’ve been playing Fallout for over a year now. Time to end it.

Sims Medieval Season 1

Why this game?

I love The Sims Medieval. Despite the limitation of the actual gameplay and its focus on questing. Once you got the jist of it, it is pretty straight forward and you still have a lot of possibilities.

This series

In this particular season, I held the interaction with you, the audience, relatively limited. That starts in season 2 though 😉