When you’re forced to fix your own game

So for the playthrough of Realms of Arkania – Star Trail, I ran into a really bad situation in the last dungeon. The game has some serious issues with balancing in the combat engine.

One thing, I couldn’t fix, was the impact of “Fear of the Dead”. In my personal view it is seriously overpowered because it is being checked for every character every turn and it is harder if more enemies are on the board. This can lead to your characters failing this very often even with a relatively low value. Continue reading When you’re forced to fix your own game

Let’s Play The Realms of Arkania – Blade of Destiny

Blade of Destiny is a turn based role playing game from the 90s, based on a popular pen & paper RPG “The Dark Eye”. It is the first part of a triology, focussing on the events around the orcish attacks on the realms of man, which was a historic event in the gaming world. There are numerous paper based adventures around these and 3 PC games in total.

But I got my hands on the 2nd part of the series first and the “step back” in these days was actually pretty disappointing. However, I made it and playing it once, twice… I guess, something like a dozen times was a huge thing for me back in the day.

Now Crafty studios has created a remake and I only touched it, when it was already patched up to a level, where it was playable, which apparently in the beginning, it was not.