Let’s Play The Realms of Arkania – Blade of Destiny

Blade of Destiny is a turn based role playing game from the 90s, based on a popular pen & paper RPG “The Dark Eye”. It is the first part of a triology, focussing on the events around the orcish attacks on the realms of man, which was a historic event in the gaming world. There are numerous paper based adventures around these and 3 PC games in total.

But I got my hands on the 2nd part of the series first and the “step back” in these days was actually pretty disappointing. However, I made it and playing it once, twice… I guess, something like a dozen times was a huge thing for me back in the day.

Now Crafty studios has created a remake and I only touched it, when it was already patched up to a level, where it was playable, which apparently in the beginning, it was not.