Being sick really sucks

My voice is not, what it has been. 2.5 weeks it i’m dragging this infection around already. I am running out of content for the channel and we cannot even speak about live streams these days. I’d love to do something like this very soon.

Two visits with the doctor, 2 tons of medication and I am still sitting here, coughing and having a voice that sounds a bit like if you dragged a rusty iron glove over a blackboard.

Of course, like Mrs. Stordyr would say, it is a  severe case of a man’s flu and maybe she is right but does that matter? I don’t feel good and I can’t seem to shake this off. No, I got even more medication today. At least, I am still getting around anti biotics.

So I apologize for the possibly coming pause, which might be coming your way (I got videos scheduled until Friday).

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