It’s been a while

*blows the dust off this place* Guys…. I’ve not been away but updating this wasn’t exactly a priority for me.

What have I been up to, lately. Well, there is a couple of projects, I’m involved it.

There is the Twitch channel. Currently, I run Kingdom Come: Deliverance there or Star Citizen. I also have a Skyrim game, on the channel, when I play. And I just bought Subnautica. So many things to do and soooo little time. What am I going to do, once Sea of Thieves comes out? I don’t know.

Then we do have Youtube. I just finished shooting the play series for The Realms of Arkania – Star Trail and am in the process of post production for the last 8 episodes. After this, there is still a bit of the question, where to take it. Mrs. Stordyr wanted to get involved with some Dark & Light LP but she’s very busy these days. I will def. start, pre production for a Fallout 4 series since I’ve never been finishing this game at all. But there is also Season 3 of the Medieval Sims, which I wanted to do, more Star Citizen and of course Sims 3 an adventure walkthough. Fallout will take quite some time, though. I will try to reduce the length of Episodes to 20 minutes. People have been complaining about this. Although I don’t really like it, I do understand this request.

See you online 🙂



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