When you’re forced to fix your own game

So for the playthrough of Realms of Arkania – Star Trail, I ran into a really bad situation in the last dungeon. The game has some serious issues with balancing in the combat engine.

One thing, I couldn’t fix, was the impact of “Fear of the Dead”. In my personal view it is seriously overpowered because it is being checked for every character every turn and it is harder if more enemies are on the board. This can lead to your characters failing this very often even with a relatively low value.

This mechanism is wired deep in the game and I can’t do anything about it.

In addition to this, every skeleton has some serious resistance against “cut” damage. While this CAN make sense, it does apply in the game to two handed swords and axes and, I think we all can agree, this does not make sense. All the more impactful is this bug, when the sequence is done wrong:

Assum, you do a roll of damage of say: 2d6+4 + 4 and roll 4 and 3.

This would mean, you deal 15 raw damage.

Now the game takes the fact, that there is a resistance, halves the damage (8) and then reduces the armor (5) => makes 3 damage

The correct way would be to do it like this:

15 – armor (5) and then have the damage => resulting in 5 damage.

You see, it does not make a whole lot of difference for one occasion but over time, it sums up and really brings inbalance to the game.

So if fixed it by removing the resistance.

You can find the fixed monster.xml here.

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