This has become a dusted dungeon

Man, I’m bad at this. There is so much going on in my life that I barely find time for all of the things, I’d like to do. Sometimes I even lack the energy to play a full sized game. Can you imagine?

I’ll try to fill this here a little more in the future because there is so many things ongoing. I mean these are the times where you find a meme that hypes two good TV shows for a Friday. Mrs. Stordyr e.g. is all hyped for the Dragon Prince new Episodes and at the same time the Mandalorian E3 will hit on Friday.

At the same time a new Star Wars game hits the shelves. Jedi Fallen Order looks amazing from a gameplay perspective. The sounds and feels are very “Star Wars”y and I can see this being a good game. What I do not get: There doesn’t seem to be a character creation. WHY THE HELL NOT?

Cyberpunk coming next year and depending on the Christmas Outcome this one is going to a series on my channel. I really hope I can be done with Fallout 4 pre-production by that time. I’ve been playing Fallout for over a year now. Time to end it.

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